President Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet didn’t apply their minds properly when they banned the sale of liquor for the second time.

Their main reasoning is that hospitals are filled with injured drunks, making it difficult to accommodate Covid-19 patients.

I don’t buy this.

South Africans have been getting drunk from time immemorial yet never filled up hospitals.

South Africans drinking behaviour changed after the March alcohol ban.

As a result, when government lifted the ban on 1 June, people went on uncontrollable drinking drinking sprees more than before lockdown.

The poor souls were too thirsty, presumably.

I don’t condone at all the behaviour of people who violate regulations and drink in groups and spread the virus.

But I condemn the total ban as it infringes on the rights of citizens to consume liquor responsibly at home.

Government should have deployed more cops and soldiers on roads and kasi streets to combat irresponsible behaviour.

The decision was rash and taken without considering the overall impact on the economy.

  • Letter by Jabulani Mazibuko, from Kriel