THE high unemployment rate in Mzansi, due to the coronavirus pandemic, means many people are competing for the same jobs.

This makes it important to stay up to date with what is currently happening in the job market to increase your chances of being called in for an interview.

Have you been applying for vacancies with no luck? Companies now use applicant tracking systems (ATS). Research from resume writing service TopResume found that 43% of job applicants have submitted CVs that were not compatible with ATS software.

Companies use these systems to scan CVs and streamline the recruiting process, in order to make the job easier and quicker than going through each and every application to find a suitable candidate.


Korn Ferry career coach Stacey Perkins told CNBC Make It how applicants could improve their CVs for the ATS, so to avoid getting lost in the black hole.

Here are easy tweaks that can help you:

1. Stick to format

“If you don’t submit your resume in the right format, it will disappear into a black hole,” Perkins said.

Important tip: Keep acronyms off because some systems will not understand what the letters stand for. Spell terms out and keep technical jargon minimal.

2. Always include keywords

Applicant tracking systems look for relevant skills on your CV, so include at least three to five keywords from the posting in your work experience and skills sections. You can also use tools such as SkillSyncer or Jobscan to identify missing keywords in your resume.