The 31 year old man whose wife cut off part of his 4-5 with scissors while he was asleep got it stitched back on by doctors and can now have sex again.

According to Daily Mail, the man's wife tried to chop off his 4-5 while he was asleep because he had cheated and had sex with someone else. 

The wife did this as a form of revenge and almost completely sliced the end off.

The man suffered 'massive bleeding' and what doctors called 'penile amputation', but the medics' quick actions meant they could save his member and stitch it back on.

It is reported that husband has since regained the use of his penis and is able to urinate, get erections and even have sex again – although with whom the doctors didn't say.

The medics, led by Dr Kunlin Yang at Peking University First Hospital in China, said the man's penis was still warm and alive six hours after the incident.