Many of us might find Absolute(ly) any reason to consume vodka.

Whether it is to touch the Sky like Dennis Ferrer or to Cruz with your friends, there is always a valid reason for consuming this beverage.

While many of us may love to consume vodka, experts say there are other creative ways to use it which include:

1. Preserve the Life of Plants

Just a few drops of vodka in a vase of cut plants or flowers will extend their lifespan.

2. Heal a Cold Sore

Vodka will dry out a cold sore and help it heal faster.

3. Treat An Ear Ache

Just a few drops in the ear canal will dry out water and kill bacteria that leads to painful infections.

4. Assist With a Toothache

If you can’t get to the dentist but have an achy tooth, swishing with vodka will kill some of the bacteria and numb pain until you can get it treated for real.

5. Help With Foot Odour

According to foot experts, vodka has an ingredient that can help with those smelly feet.