Starting your online store can be a strenuous and daunting task, not to mention quite pricey, but now building your own online store has been made easy and convenient.

Standard bank has created a new and innovative all- in one payment solution called SimplyBlu.

The app comes with built in templates and what makes it even more amazing is the fact that you can easily alter the templates according to what you like with the easy to add product functionality.


Online Store

In-app payments

Fraud controls and monitoring

Accept all card types

Same day settlements

eInvoicing and eReceipting

Recur payments

Shopping cart plugins.

So you must be asking yourself why SimplyBlu? Here is why:

Your online store can be up and running in no time

The application process is quick and easy

It is an all- in- one digital business starter pack

You will be able to accept payments anywhere.

The platform is secure and safe.

Getting started is easy, head over to and click the "Apply Now" button.