You can amplify your behind by getting yourself these butt lifters that promise a peachy behind. 

If you're a fan of an amplified booty and curves then these might just be the thing for you.  Butt lifters can help you achieve a curvier shape right away.

According to Perfect Sculpt, it doesn’t matter what size butt you have, a butt lifter will make your butt look bigger, rounder and lifted! 

This garment look like your run-of-the-mill cycling shorts from the front but from the back, it's an entirely different story - with the design leaving both your cheeks totally exposed.

Many women call these butt lifter a bra for the butt and say that the best remedy is prevention.

Here are 5 benefits of wearing a butt lifter

- Enhance the size of your butt

- It can help you achieve semi-permanent results

- Avoid a saggy butt

- Can be worn underneath all clothing

- Confidence