TO some people, being hairy is unattractive, but it comes with its advantages.

According to Times of India, these are some of the health benefits that come with being hairy:

1.Repairs and heals skin quicker

According to health experts, hair follicles contain stem cells which help heal our skin from wounds and bruises. Also, these follicles have a network of blood vessels, nerves and fat, speeding up the healing process.

2.Great for our scalp

Compared to those who have hair on their heads, bald people are more prone to wounds and sun rashes, So, having hair is safer!

3.Reduces risk of chafing

Have you ever noticed after waxing or shaving your underarms, you feel a burning sensation? It is because underarm skin with no hair tends to rub against the arm skin, which creates a burning feeling. And keeping hair reduces the risk of chafing.

4.Keeps body odour in check

According to studies, body hair helps to disperse odours, referred to as pheromones. These chemicals attract mates.

5.Protects against the sun

People who have hairy bodies are less prone to sunburn and rashes.

6. Provides heat

Another purpose that hair also serves is to keep us warm.