Michelle Visage once said "It's never too late to reclaim your inner diva and reclaim your inner strength." and internet sensation Baddie Winkle, real name Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, is living proof of it. 

The 90 year old who became famous on the net at the age of eighty-five because of her social media tag line "Stealing Your Man Since 1928" has become a popular saying for teens and young adults.

Baddie defines herself by wearing eccentric clothes, promoting the legalization of medical marijuana, and her innuendo. She has 3.8 million followers on Instagram where she posts photos and videos of herself, often with suggestive clothing with peculiar prints and colors. 

The clothes she wears on the internet are actually her great granddaughter's clothes who helps her with taking photos and uploading them on the internet. 

In an interview with ITV's This morning in 2016, Baddie said that she doesn't know how old is supposed to feel.

"I don't know how it is supposed to feel, I mean age is just a number so I've been trying to think of ways to feel or should I be feeling old, but I don't." she said and she also had something to say to people who are negative about how she lives her life. 

"Get off your bit and get on the things that you've always wanted to do with your life but never did before it is too late. Get out there and do your thing." 

" I would like to be an inspiration for the older generation and I have began to do that."

Baddie Winkle lost her husband and son to cancer and says that it was the most horrifying experience she has been through and she decided years later that she wasn't going to live in hurt anymore and took a trip to town.