Apple's new iPhones are set to hit the market next year and according to J.P. Morgan Chase this  could reignite growth in the company’s flagship device, CNBC reported. 

“Our positive volume outlook for 2020 is driven by our current expectation for the launch of four iPhone models ... and more significant spec upgrades,” Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at J.P. Morgan, wrote in the report.

Apple’s upcoming 2019 range of iPhones, which is expected to launch in September, is not expected to include a major redesign, nor are any of these iPhones expected to include a 5G modem.

Upcoming 5G networks have the potential to dramatically increase cellular download speeds, if carriers can build out the technology in time. Apple’s current devices have 3D-sensing cameras on the front, and the J.P. Morgan analysts predict that in 2020, they will be equipped with similar cameras on the back.