While doing my online shopping on AliExpress I came across this cool washing machine for Makeup brushes and thought I should check out the reviews before I make any repulsive shopping decisions and I was quite impressed. 

You can now put your make up brushes and beauty blenders in a washing machine. 

The washing machine is a cute little pink washing machine a size of maybe Barbie's washing machine...lol. 

Well we know what dirty make up brushes can do to you and how much a a job it might be to clean them but with this little washing machine it looks like the dreading will soon be over. 

The machine is said to not only remove residual cosmetics, but bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin as well. It can aslo help clean and dry your sponges more effectively in just 5 seconds, it will clean it thoroughly. And within another 5 seconds, your Beauty Sponge will be as dry as new.


  • Fill the mini washing machine with warm water and your personal preference of brush soap, makeup cleanser, or antibacterial soap.   
  • Dunk the brush or beauty blender into the water, preferably not touching the bottom, and start the machine.   
  • Drain the water using the hose when finished.   
  • Use this Beauty Blender Washing Machine to make cleaning your all your makeup products fun!

WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl-y59TB-V0