DON’T be fooled into thinking you’re safe – criminals are serious and strike everywhere.

ATMs, bank accounts, credit and debit cards and even online platforms, are no longer safe.

SunMoney spoke to Simon McCullough, Major Channel account manager.

He warned small business owners they are not safe from data breaches and cyberattacks, which are on the rise as hackers become increasingly sophisticated.

Africa loses more than R2,2bn to internet fraud and phishing attacks annually.

The reality is that both organisations and people are affected by cyberattacks and fraudulent activities.

Here are some cybersecurity tips.

  • Getting email asking if you have logged on from a difference device? Don’t ignore it. Check if your account is not hacked.
  • Using e-signatures or voice verification can help keep high-value transactions secure.
  • Look out for online store fraudulent accounts.
  • Deploying an advanced firewall manager that can mitigate threats before they disrupt critical data centre resources can help you.
  • App security that detects financial malware, identifies fraudulent transactions, and combats phishing scams.
  • Teach and learn: many organisational cyberattacks often are due to minor mistakes like opening a link in phishing email or unintentionally allowing backdoors into a network.
  • Limit your transactions on public Wi-Fi networks. Hackers can easily tap into public networks.
  • People should use well-established, trusted websites which are much easier to find if you avoid shopping via search engines.
  • Only shop on locations that are encrypted demonstrated by the ‘https’ prefix in a retailer’s website.