During the summer months it is very important to look after your relaxed hair. It is during this time that you will be spending more time outside and perhaps even in the sea or pool, and it is because of these water activities and the heat from the sun that can cause your hair to become damaged and dry.

Revlon Realistic understands that having relaxed hair is easier to style, however, you need to know that during summer more TLC needs to be expected and carried out to ensure that it is kept in its best condition, and that no unnecessary damage occurs.

Revlon Realistic recommends six tips on how to keep relaxed hair healthy and looking good all summer long:

1.       Keep your hair hydrated. Make sure to wash your hair once a week and use a shampoo that won’t dry out your hair. Once you are finished shampooing your hair a deep conditioner or hot treatment needs to be used to keep in the moisture, especially when choosing products that contain protein. After swimming in the pool or in the sea, it is good practice to rinse your hair and scalp free from chlorine and salt water to avoid any further drying out and damage.

2.       Keep your hair moisturized. On non-wash hair days be sure to include a hair moisturizer or hair food into your morning hair care regime to increase the moisture of your hair. Moisture during the dry summer months is very important, especially when it comes to looking after relaxed hair.

3.       Keep yourself hydrated. Not only is it important to keep your hair hydrated but keeping yourself hydrated also gives your hair the care it needs. Drinking water helps to moisturize your skin, hair and scalp from the inside out.

4.       Keep away from too much heat. When you relax your hair it will become more dehydrated, and therefore when you add more heat to your styling process your hair as the potential to dry out further and create damage. When styling your relaxed hair this summer try work with styles that require little to no heat refraining from adding unnecessary heat to the process. Preventative measures such as using a heat protectant or wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillowcase are ways to avoid brittle and frizzy hair.

5.       Keep using quality relaxers. When relaxing at home be sure to use a relaxer that is known for its quality, its care while relaxing your hair and its attention on after relaxing care as well. Revlon Realistic crème relaxers is available for all hair types, and leaves your hair stronger, assists in retaining moisture and gives you more flexible and easily managed post-relaxed hair.  After you have relaxed your hair be sure to use a neutralising shampoo to stop the action of the relaxer and brings the hair back to its normal pH levels. Revlon Realistic’s neutralising shampoo has a colour signal to indicate when all traces of the relaxer have been removed.

6.       Keep on trimming. Although the myth is that trimming your hair regularly will stop your hair from growing, the opposite it true; trimming is essential to hair growth. When your ends start to split your hair will start to look messy and will become brittle, which is why trimming your ends will help your hair look good and flourish during summer.

Looking after your relaxed hair during summer is not only for the purpose of having good looking hair during this time, but it is also imperative for the health of your hair in the long run. The decision to have relaxed hair is often made for the look and convenience of having manageable hair that is easier to style which makes it a perfect option summer. Revlon Realistic suggests that looking after your hair correctly during this time will have your hair centre stage ready and can be styled to suit any desired summer look, while still ensuring that your hair is kept healthy for its next journey.

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