During hot weather all you ant to do is open the windows, even late at night, but some can't because they will wake up with red itchy bumps in the morning from mosquito bites. 

There are a few things you can try out from Hacks and Tricks if you do not have a mosquito repellent.

1. The fan - Mosquitoes aren’t able to fly very well when it’s windy. Even a light breeze is too much for them. You can definitely use this weakness against them: just turn on the fan and aim it at the direction that you don't want mosquitoes at.

2. Light clothes - Mosquitoes look for colours that contrast with the horizon, like black and other dark colours. If you wear light colours, you will be less visible to them and therefore less appetising.

3. Lavender - Insects hate the smell of lavender, so if you plant a few lavender plants in your garden they will frequent it a lot less. You can also rub lavender directly on your skin by using some essential oil if you want to keep the mosquitoes at a distance.

4. Garlic - Eating a lot of garlic will cause your pores to excrete a smell of garlic. Because of this, you will smell less like human and the mosquitoes will be less tempted to come at you.

5. Cloves - Mosquitoes also hate the smell of cloves. You can fill a bowl with water and add some cloves to this.