Having a few essential beauty products that live on your work desk helps.

Here are the beauty products that should keep at your desk. 

1. Face Wipes

Wipes are a life saver. You can clean almost anything with them. From your hands to spilled liquids on your table and you will never know when you might stain you clothes with food or even wipe a seat in a public area. 

2. Hand sanitizer

The office environment can be messy and having a hand sanitizer in handy may actually be helpful to stay clear of germs.

3. A Nail File

One of the things that the beauty team get asked for most often by colleagues in other departments is an emery board. Really. Having one of these on hand can help you and your co-workers in a crisis.

4. Hand Cream

Looking after your hands is very important just as looking after you lips. They are always exposed to different types of conditions and washing them time and again also leaves them dry and not very attractive. A good hand cream can be very helpful to keep your hands moisturized and looking younger and fresh.

6. Lip Balm

One of the most important beauty products to have within arm’s reach all day is a nourishing lippie. Our lips can become dry, cracked and sore, whether it’s from the cooling system or picking at them constantly because you are worried about how you are going to finish your reports. Slather this on – you’ll thank us later.