During a press briefing at the National Results Operations Centre in Tshwane on Thursday, the IEC announced that there will be an audit to look into double voting that occurred in some voting districts around the country. 

IEC’s Chief Electoral Commissioner Sy Mamabolo says that the audit will cover a statistically representative sample of the voting stations where complaints or allegations of double voting occurred. 

"The audit will involve the capture of information showing the ID numbers of voters who cast votes at each voting station from the "zip-zip" scanner and completed VEC forms," Mamabolo said. 

Mamabolo said that they consulted with political parties on the process of the audit and they agreed on a way forward. He said that they do not know the extent of the double voting. Mamabolo said that the audit will help determine that. 

The IEC said that they are still yet to appoint an audit firm. 

The IEC also addressed issues surrounding the quality of the indelible ink used in this year's elections. People on social media came out complaining that the ink came out easily. 

Mamabolo said that an investigation that will be done in conjunction with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). 

Janet Love, the IEC's Deputy Chief Electoral Commissioner said that they looked at digitising the electoral system. She said however at the moment it is not something they think they'll be to implement. 

She also dismissed allegations of meddling by any power Russia or otherwise.