On the second day of counting the 2019 election votes, the African National Congress is still leading but has dipped below the 50% mark.

Over 80% of the voting districts have been completed, the ANC is the party with the most support so far having won 56.99% of the votes by Friday morning.

This means that well over 7.3 million voted for the liberation party, however by the looks of things their support has dropped as compared to the 2014 elections – as in 2014 they managed to win over 62.15% of the voters.

The Democratic Alliance on the other hand has managed to win over 21.83% of the voters, resulting in 2.8 million people voting for the party.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters who only started participating in National elections in 2014, seem to have grown their numbers

In the 2014 elections they managed to get 6.35% of the votes, as it stands the party looks to the only one growing between the DA, EFF and the ANC.

The highly contested Gauteng province looks like it will have another coalition government, as the ANC dipped below the 50% mark on Friday morning.

The ANC in Gauteng is currently on 49.52% with over 1.2 million votes, while the Democratic Alliance is at 28.44% and the EFF is currently standing at 13.94%.

On Thursday EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu said they are the only party that has significantly grown in terms of actual numbers.

“This shows the confidence that the people of South Africa have in the EFF," Shivambu said.

He added that the race was not over because the big metros still had to complete counting.