Three voting stations in Blouberg outside Polokwane in Limpopo were forced to recount following the registered votes of the special votes were not found when counting.

Independent electoral Commission Chairperson in Limpopo Nkaro Mateta says they wanted to reaffirm the free and fair election. Mateta speaks at the IEC results centre in Polokwane on Thursday.

"About five of special votes were recorded. At another station we have got reports that a tipax was used on some results slips which was also signed by a party agents. The results slip was not completed and it was sealed when the Presiding officer realized after closing it the seal that mistakes were made. They will submit their results after finishing the recounting of votes," she said. 

Mateta emphasized that all the voting stations closed on time and the counting started on time as well despite those smaller hiccups accounted. She said they have also attended to all the complaints reported to them by political parties in the voting districts.