A SANGOMA says she almost died of Covid-19 but what disturbed her most was how people treated her afterwards.

Thokozile Moremi (42) from Hammanskraal, Tshwane, told Daily Sun she tested positive for the virus in January.

Thokozile, the news manager at Moretele Community Radio, said she felt weak and lost her sense of smell. She said she was in self-quarantine for 14 days but what came after affected her the most.

She said when she returned to work, her colleagues were scared of her.

“People thought I would infect them.

“They could not accept I had healed and were scared of me. This made me feel bad as I had healed and tested negative.”

But Thokozile said nothing would keep her from doing what she loved, which is helping others.

“We are not supposed to distance ourselves from people who had Covid-19. Those infected need our full support.”

Thokozile said people discriminated against those who had recovered from Covid-19 at work.

“I have been brave and am confident enough and will overcome all challenges. I was scared I would die and didn’t know what would happen next.”

The traditional healer said more needed to be done to help those who had recovered from the pandemic.

She said she overcame the virus by taking flu medication, together with umhlonyana and regularly steamed with hot water.

Thokozile said fighting Covid-19 was a nightmare, because she was dealing with a killer disease with no cure.