MEDIA personality Siv Ngesi is mourning his cousin, who died of Covid-19.

He said he was devastated and urged people to take the virus seriously.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said: “When I lost my cousin, my family and I cried all night.

“We couldn’t believe we’d lost one of our own to Covid-19 and yet people don’t take it seriously.”

Siv described his cousin as a hard-working person who always looked after his family.

“He was an honest and loving man and all he wanted was to care for his family. He didn’t deserve this. His sole purpose was really looking after his family,” he said.

“As a family, we’re saddened by his death and will miss him so much. He was 49 when he died.”

Siv said South Africans were arrogant and not taking the situation seriously.

“We are an arrogant nation that doesn’t take anything seriously. The government has done all it could, but it’s up to us as citizens to ensure we listen to the guidelines set for us,” he said.

Siv said his cousin was buried on Saturday 7 March and he still couldn’t believe someone he loved was in his last resting place.

“He was an amazing man who was thoughtful and loved us all. I’ll miss his kindness and love. He was there all the time when I needed him.”

Siv said he wanted people to know coronavirus didn’t only affect old people.

“Young people forget they too can get Covid-19, which is why they make stupid decisions.”