SELLO Khoza has asked people to take Covid-19 seriously.

The 42-year-old from Sekgwelame, near Marikana in the North West, said he tested positive for Covid-19 in January.

He told Daily Sun the experience was the most difficult thing he’s had to overcome.

“The virus is painful. You’re really fighting the unknown,” he said.

Sello said he had fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

“A lot of people lost their lives due to the virus. There’s no way you don’t think about death during this time,” he said.

“I had my fears, but realised I needed to have a positive attitude in order for me to beat the virus.”

He said support from loved ones helped.

“However, people will treat you differently once they know you tested positive for the virus.

“Others will literally run away when they see you. It’s the most painful thing to go through. People still have little knowledge or misguided facts about the virus,” he said.

Sello also encouraged people to continue following regulations.

“It’s important to be extra careful. You’ll never know how and when you might get infected,” he said.

He said he gives thanks to God for saving his life.

“I wake up every day with a deep sense of gratitude.

“Surviving Covid-19 shouldn’t be taken lightly,” he said.