HEALTHCARE workers including nurses, radiographers, cleaners and porters have to put on a brave face each day.

Lerato Mokoto, who works at a hospital, believes prayer, family and friends have helped her get through the pandemic.

The 26-year-old from Rustenburg, North West, said she was very grateful to have survived Covid-19 when many others didn’t.

She tested positive on 22 January after she had a sore throat, headache, coughing and lost her sense of smell.

“The support of my family and friends gave me the strength to fight,” she sad.

“My family was just going all out to help me while also not forgetting to follow safety precautions.”

Lerato said the experience made her realise everyone needed to be extra careful about their health, especially healthcare workers.

“We continue to go above and beyond the call of duty. The challenges faced are real.

“The physical and mental affects, stigma and discrimination from those who fear infection are real. However, we try our best to keep it together. We show up every day and put patients first.”

Lerato said she wanted people to realise the virus was real and everyone needed to follow the regulations.

“I see people every day fighting for their lives and I also fought for mine,” she said.

Lerato urged all South Africans to behave responsibly to help relieve the pressure frontline workers had been under.