SHE suffered a lot of stress and anxiety while trying to save lives from Covid-19.

Cynthia Mantha also feared she might die and leave behind her two children.

The 38-year-old is a nurse at Netcare Garden City Hospital in Mayfair West, Joburg, and has been a nurse since 2012.

She told Daily Sun she’s passionate about nursing, and it all begun at a very young age when she took interest in helping her sick family members.

She said it was a dream come true when she finally got into the field.

She shared with the People’s Paper what it’s been like being a nurse, before and during the pandemic.

“In the beginning it felt great treating patients and seeing them return home with a positive mind.

“I don’t only treat my patients, but I also educate them about the disease they’re battling.

“But the job has been hectic since the country was hit with the pandemic, and it has affected my mental health.”

Cynthia said she was stressed by the long hours, not spending enough time with her children and possibly infecting them with the virus.

“I was easily irritated with my children because of stress. I was scared of death but had to be strong and show a brave face.

“Seeing Covid-19 patients struggle to breathe was heartbreaking as I felt helpless. Sadly, not all of them survived,” she said.

“It’s even harder trying to convince patients to remain positive because many lost hope and were prepared to die.”

Cynthia is among the healthcare workers who received the Covid-19 vaccine at Netcare Milpark Hospital on Thursday, 11 March.

She said: “I’ve been postponing getting the vaccine simply out of fear.

“So many things surrounding the vaccine have been circulating on social media, mostly negative and fake news.

“I eventually got the courage for the sake of my kids and for me to continue saving lives.”

Cynthia said she suffered side effects after she got the jab, but they only lasted a few hours.

“I felt a slight headache and dizziness, but nothing of concern.”