HEALTH worker Mumsy Radebe was one of the first people in her unit to become infected with Covid-19.

The 46-year-old, who’s been a nurse for almost 25 years, said she was scared but stayed positive.

Mumsy said when she was growing up, she had a fear of blood but she wanted to help people.

“It was a dream come true when I went into the profession,” she said.

“I enjoyed every minute of it, but my fear of blood was a challenge.

“Because I desperately wanted my career to flourish and I wanted to help the sick, I conquered the fear. I also gained great skills such as patience and dealing with different types of people.

“Patients can be very cheeky, but they don’t intend to disrespect health workers. They’re simply driven by pain.”

Mumsy, who works in the dental unit at Intercare Wilgeheuwel in Joburg, said she became ill in March 2020.

“A week before I tested positive, I suffered body aches but didn’t pay too much attention to it.

“One morning I began to cough and I was advised to get tested and go home.

“In the afternoon, I received a message that I tested positive. I got scared but my body was fighting. I didn’t suffer any severe pains during my recovery.”

Mumsy said when she returned to work her colleagues were scared to get too close to her.

“At first it broke my heart but I didn’t blame them. We were all scared and they feared for their lives,” she said.

Mumsy received the Covid-19 vaccine in March.

“We were at great risk in my unit because we’re treating the mouth. But since I got the vaccine I ’ve felt free and have been enjoying my profession again.”