NONO Sehole has described her experience with Covid-19 as nothing short of a miracle.

The 47-year-old mother of two from Braamfischer in Soweto was infected with Covid-19, but had no knowledge of it.

She’s now fully vaccinated and has encouraged the public to do the same. Speaking about her journey, Nono said a few months after the outbreak, she experienced Covid related symptoms.

She said at the time she had no knowledge about Covid-19 symptoms and treated symptoms like it was the normal flu.

“I lost sense of taste and smell. I had chest pains and wasn’t breathing comfortably. I took days off from work as a general worker at a printing company. I took the relevant medication and before I knew it I was back to normal,” she said.

After a while, Nono shared her experience with close people and was made aware about Covid symptoms.

“My friends told me I had Covid symptoms. I went into a state of panic and looked up the symptoms on the internet. Indeed I found I presented most of them.

“I looked at my children with shock that I almost put their lives in danger. I’m grateful that as much as I was in full contact with those I love, no one got infected. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself,” said Nono.

She said she hasn’t lost any loved one to Covid and she thanks God.

“I never hesitated when the vaccine was made available to the public. I couldn’t wait to get vaccinated. I adhered to Covid safety measures, even before the vaccine and after my experience. The virus kills and the only way to defeat it is through the vaccine.

“I’d like to urge everyone to get the jab so we can go back to our normal lives.”