THE death of her father inspired her to become a nurse.

And she’s been working hard to treat patients for the past 15 years.

Noma Moyo (39) works at The Foundation Clinic, north of Joburg, and is also studying psychology.

She treats patients with various types of addiction including alcohol and drugs.

Noma told Daily Sun that she was only 24 when she went into the field, with her first job being in a rural area.

“Working in a remote area was challenging. We had patients coming from afar and often ran out of medication. “But we did a lot of outreach programmes to ensure that people received the necessary treatment,” she said.

She said that it was fulfilling to interact with patients from different backgrounds and cultures, as well as educating them on available health treatments.

But nothing could have prepared her for the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was anxious when the country was hit by Covid-19, but I thought it would not last this long. I started panicking when infection numbers and deaths began to rise. It became real,” she said.

Noma said the lives of healthcare workers were at great risk.

“We can’t treat patients without touching them. We have lost colleagues in the line of duty, and many have lost family members.

“I have had close colleagues who were infected, but thankfully survived. It is heartbreaking, especially the rapid transmission of the third wave.”

Noma said the impact of the virus went beyond infections.

“It has also affected the economy, which has led to financial constraints in families and further affected people’s mental state,” she added.

Noma, who is currently expecting her third child, is ready for the vaccine.

“There wasn’t enough data proving the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women.

“My gynaecologist and I decided to wait before I receive a vaccine.

“However, with the new findings, I’m more at ease and ready,” she said.

The Health Department recently announced that pregnant and breast-feeding mothers were eligible for vaccines.

“I urge the public to maintain social distancing, wear masks at all times, sanitise and wash their hands regularly. The virus is real and deadly,” Noma told the People’s Paper.