HEALTH Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize has given a stern warning of a second Covid-19 wave if people continue to misbehave.

This after the country was put on level 1 of lockdown a few weeks ago.

Mkhize warned the country wasn’t immune to the second spread as experienced by other countries in Europe, where a hard lockdown had to be imposed.

As of Sunday night the country had recorded 692 471 cases, with a death toll of 17 780.

Mkhize said the number of recorded cases was very worrying and hinted that there could soon be a second wave if they were left unchecked.

He said the country was at some stage in the top five of countries recording new cases, but was at the moment in the top 11.

“We may be on level 1 of lockdown, but we’d like to urge people to take the risks of Covid-19 seriously.

“Continue wearing masks, sanitising and practising social distancing.

“Right now South Africa is at number 11, and the reason is that a number of countries have stabilised and South Africa was much higher than those countries.

“At this point those countries have started to see the numbers increase.

“A second wave has already been experienced in Spain and Italy.

“That second wave is the phenomenon of the virus.

“We cannot say South Africa is immune from the virus.”