THE entertainment industry was hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many artists were left unable to make ends meet or even pay rent.

One of the casualties was 29-year-old Jacob Mtshweni, who was forced to go back home as he could not pay his rent.

He is now trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild his music career.

Jacob told Daily Sun he had been working as a backing vocalist for years. He used to travel for performances with various artists and made a decent living.

Back in 2019, he released his first solo effort, an African jazz album called What Kind of a Person Are You.

“I was on a roll. I had gigs lined up to promote my album. I was filled with joy as my dreams were finally coming true but Covid-19 messed it all up,” he said.

Jacob said he was fortunate to receive money from the relief fund but it wasn’t enough as he had to share it with his band. Amid his personal struggles, he recorded a Covid-19 song in partnership with the ANC Women’s League. The song encourages people to take precautions.

“I have lost two relatives and seven friends to Covid-19.

“I couldn’t even attend my cousin’s funeral because of the restrictions on travelling and the number of people allowed. It was painful,” he said.

But Jacob said he learnt a number of valuable lessons.

“I’m grateful for each day as death is walking among us.

“Covid also taught me the power of digital technology. My album is now available online.”

Jacob said he was ready for his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and encouraged the public to get jabbed.