BEING infected with Covid-19 is one of the most scary and uncomfortable experiences that anyone can go through.

Some people do their best to avoid the possibility of getting infected by the virus. Life being unpredictable, some of those who followed the rules did get infected. It takes a lot of courage, treatment and support for one to recover from Covid 19.

Not being able to get visitors or even go outside just for a bit of fresh air can make one feel imprisoned.

The battle to recover depends on many factors, but the key element is the mind. We all have the will to fight and get over any circumstance, no matter how hard it might be.

Facing pain day in and day out is not easy and requires a stable mind to overcome.

The journey to recovery has no short cuts. Be patient with yourself and allow your body all the time it needs to gain back its strength.

Keep taking your medication and rest as much as possible, regardless of feeling better.

Your immune system needs to be supported and boosted with lots of vitamins to keep fighting the virus. Consistency is the weapon that will give the virus no chance at all of coming back. Keep alert at all times and remember that your health matters. Avoid putting yourself under a lot of pressure, avoid stress and pamper yourself. Spoil yourself and take time to reconnect with yourself.