KAGISO Seboleiso believes testing positive for Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise.

The technical producer at YOU FM said it proved that African medical knowledge could play a role, given a chance.

Speaking to Daily Sun about his recovery, he said he didn’t take any chemical.

“I used the herbs I grow, which are not chemically manipulated. This is what gave me strength,” he said.

Kagiso tested positive in July after he lost his sense of smell and taste.

He said home-made remedies helped him on his way to recovery.

“I used garlic for cooking and drank mint with or without tea. I wanted to prove to the world that we might have medication for this virus right in our backyards.

“It’s time to be responsible. Let’s take care of ourselves and protect one another. Let’s not attend parties. It’s necessary to take responsibility and protect ourselves and those around us.”

Kagiso added that we should take charge to stop the virus and allow government time to focus on economic recovery.

“Let’s all take responsibility and build Mzansi together. Taking care of your life and having a positive attitude is all that’s needed,” said Kagiso.