HIS faith played a huge role in beating the coronavirus after he tested positive on 11 June.

Kgalalelo Khule, a law enforcement official in Rustenburg, said symptoms started showing on 10 June.

“I felt really weak and dizzy. I struggled to breathe and lost my appetite and all sense of taste and smell. I had a sore throat and coughed a lot,” he said.

He went to Ferncrest Hospital, where doctors suggested a Covid-19 test as he showed symptoms.

The 29-year-old, known as Khule Khule, said he’d taken every possible precautionary measure

“Honestly, I was terrified of this virus. But I needed to be strong for my loved ones,” said Kgalalelo.

“The love and support I got from work, family and friends kept me going. We need to pray and ask God for strength as there’s no cure yet.”

Kgalalelo said given his line of work, he could have interacted with someone who had the virus.

He took vitamin C, immune boosters and drank a lot of warm fluids.

“I tested negative 10 days later.”

Khule urged people to wear masks, sanitise and minimise movements.

“Mostly, let’s support those who are infected,” he said.

“It’s through my support system that I was able to pull through.”