AT the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people didn’t know who to talk to after testing positive for the virus.

So some residents of Khayelitsha in Cape Town decided to disclose their statuses to Ncumisa Mahangu, who later started the group Together We Conquer.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the activist and PR councillor said she was touched after people contacted her. She started the group to give Covid-19 victims a platform to share how they faced the virus.

“Everyone was living in fear, but the group helped a lot because they shared the medication they used,” she said.

Mahangu said the group had five members when it started, but more members joined as time went by.

The group now has close to 300 members from Cape Town and Eastern Cape.

Group member Bongiwe Mzava (40) said: “I don’t think I’d still be alive if it wasn’t for that group. Ncumisa did a great thing by starting it.

“I learnt about the importance of prayer and prayed every day as I was afraid of dying. We used vitamins, fever medication and steamed.”

Bulelwa Sikhontya (53) said she joined the group before she got sick.

“My story is different. I joined the group before I got sick with Covid-19 after I heard about it on the radio. I wanted to learn more about Covid-19.”

She joined in June and tested positive on 4 July.

“Knowing you’re positive does something to your mind. No one can survive without any support,” said Bulelwa.