FORMER Joburg Metro Police head David Tembe came out of intensive care on Friday, 9 July after experiencing Covid-19 complications.

Speaking to Daily Sun from a private clinic in Joburg, he described the Delta variant as a monster.

“It is ready to take your life at any time,” he said.

Tembe, who plans to be an ambassador in the battle against Covid-19, said he doesn’t know how he survived.

“The pains were unbearable and I thought I was dying,” he said.

“They moved me from one hospital to the other because the hospitals were full.

“My admission was done in an ambulance as my oxygen dropped to 35%,” said Tembe, who is in his 60s.

“I was a paramedic and I know humans need between 90% to 100% of oxygen. I thought I was gone.”

He said the paramedics and the nurses who rescued him were lionesses.

Tembe collapsed at home two weeks ago and was rushed to hospital.

“I was told it’s pneumonia. How, when and where I picked up Covid-19 I can’t tell. I really don’t know,” he said. “How I made it to the hospital only God knows. You don’t want to go through this!”

Tembe plans to use “Ask The Chief”, his Twitter and Facebook pages, to educate people about the virus.

“Let us make our nurses smile   and believe in them as they are on the frontlines.

“The positive attitude, care, and passion of the nurses made me stay strong.”

Tembe said there were so many untold stories of good-hearted professionals such as nurses, police and teachers.

“Where I am lying now in this hospital bed, I realise without dedicated nurses we can’t pull through.

“We have to keep motivating them.”