COVID-19 survivor Berlina Lekgethwane from Mogwase near Rustenburg, North West, believes we have to learn to live with the coronavirus.

She encouraged people to continue taking care of themselves as we try to continue with our normal lives.

Berlina tested positive for Covid-19 last year in December after she attended a funeral of one of her relatives.

She told Daily Sun she experienced headaches, flu, fatigue and a loss of taste.

“What helped me to recover was 3-in-1 flu pack, lengana, steaming with eucalyptus oil plus peperboom leaves and bloekom oil,” she said.

“After a while I felt better but on the fifth day, I felt as if I went back to being sick again.”

She said when Covid-19 started, she had anxiety attacks and she thought of people dying.

However, she said she started watching pastors on YouTube and reading her Bible daily.

“I was reciting Psalm 91. I prayed and regained my strength,” she said.

“My family was supportive. This experience has taught me that in any situation, you start beating the challenge from your mind. With a positive mindset, I was able to beat Covid-19.”

She also encouraged everyone to wear a mask, sanitise and practise social distancing at all times.