JAZZ singer and songwriter Zodwa Mabena has released a new single titled Kalushi.

This is a new high for the talented singer, who gained prominence when she released her hit song Aline Volo.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Zodwa said: “I made the song in honour of our struggle hero Solomon Mahlangu.

“I felt he wasn’t being celebrated well enough in Mzansi.

“The other reason was that I wanted to educate people about the person behind the name Kalushi as I’d realised many didn’t know him.”

The Mpumalanga-born singer said she’d been working on the song for an entire three years.


“The creative process of crafting something takes time. I started working on the song in 2018 after realising the music industry had done little to honour our struggle icon,” she said.

“I took my time because I wanted the song to resonate well with the people of Mzansi and tell the story of Kalushi as it was.

“So, a lot of research went into making the song.

“Working on it was great as I got to experiment with the sound because the song has a military beat.”

Zodwa said she was working on an album she’d release in June.

“I’ve started working on my studio album, and some of the songs are already complete,” she said.

“I can’t wait for people to hear what I have in store for them as they’ll be blown away. The songs tell true authentic African stories.”

Zodwa, who’s also founder of The South African School of Music, said her journey in the music industry has been an upward hill.

“Just like I teach my students how to be better musicians and artists, I also learn every day in the music industry,” she said.

“Let no one fool you. Being in the music industry isn’t easy.

“It comes with a lot of challenges every day, more especially because I’m an independent artist.

“But I’m grateful for all the lessons because with every challenge came growth.”

Kalushi is available on all digital platforms.