AS THE sun set at the Dundee July horse race, the freezing wind came out to play.

And while many guests at the KZN event ran for cover and hid in their thick coats and long dresses, Zodwa froze her butt off for her brand!

Reality TV star and socialite Zodwa Wabantu made her grand entrance in a black panty, a bra and a gold body chain.

Her fans went crazy when they saw her arriving in the late afternoon for her performance at Endaweni Lifestyle marquee, and security had to stop them when they surged forward to greet her.

She admitted she was cold.

“But I can’t forget that Zodwa is a brand and I have to look the part,” she said.

“Dressing like this is part of my job.

“I was freezing but I knew that this outfit puts bread on my table.”

She said fans wanted to see the Zodwa they’d seen on TV.

“If I came dressed in a big jacket or coat, they’d be disappointed. I’m giving them what they paid for,” she said.

“When you’re booked to perform anywhere, you have to bring out your best so that your brand will keep on growing.

“I did what Zodwa does and the people were happy.”

She thanked her fans for the love they always gave her.

“I promise I’ll never disappoint them,” she said.