If Zahara’s allegations against TS Records are true, it might be too little too late for her to get what she’s owed.

When it was reported in the media a few years ago that she was broke and had a drinking problem, she denied the reports.

Subsequent to that, she released a song titled Imali.

She said the lyrics of the song were inspired by media people who lie about her in order to make money.

Today, she finds the load too heavy to carry and confesses to the same media she denounced.

I strongly believe that had she swallowed her pride and admitted the media’s allegations then, she would have found the solution to her problems by now.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish her success on her campaign to get whatever is owed to her.

The problem with most of our artists is that they are living a lie. They want the public to believe that fame is money. That’s why they find it difficult to publicly look for help when they are being exploited.

I hope Zahara gets over her troubles and returns to her best self.

She is a national asset and needs our support to keep entertaining us.

Letter from Percy Moffat in Mamelodi East.