Singer and songwriter, Zahara will be headlining the Sisters With Guitars event alongside Berita and Msaki tomorrow. 

The Loliwe hitmaker said this event is not just about performing for her, it's about inspiring people.

"Singing with my guitar gives me a lot of joy. It brings back memories. I think about where I come from, how I taught myself how to play guitar. So this is more than just a performance. For me it's a message to young girls, if God did it for me, then he can do it for you too. I mean, unlike Msaki and Berita, I didn't study music, I don't know chords or notes but I can play whatever song you want me to play for you. So a guitar for me is a symbol of hope," said Zahara.


Zahara said people should come to listen to them telling their stories.

She said: "We'll be telling our stories through music at the event. People who haven't bought tickets must get them. This is not an event to be missed, people will be inspired."

The show will be at Emperor's Palace on Saturday, 15 February. Tickets cost R220 to R300.