GOSPEL singer Yongama Mrwetyana has ventured into film producing and directing.

He has written a short film called Nomagazi.

Yongama said the film was inspired by crime.

Speaking to SunBuzz, he said: “Nomagazi was inspired by illegal acts that happen in townships. Crime is popular in townships, but the consequences are not taught.

“Through the film, we want to educate and tell people that crime and corruption don’t pay. We wanted to create a film that will bring the community together so our society will be peaceful.”

Yongama said the cast is from Ngangelizwe in Mthatha.

“There’s a section called KwaNomagazi in Ngangelizwe. The film is named after this section. I used people from there because a lot of big actors such as Zikhona Sodlala, Jet Novuka, Brian Temba and Mnatha Vika are from Mthatha. So maybe this movie will also produce big actors.

“The people of Ngangelizwe were excited and even offered that we use their homes for shooting,” he said.

Yongama said filming was done during lockdown. It was tough, but they made it.

“We had to hold auditions online because we couldn’t meet in person, which was a struggle. So we told people to send their audition clips via WhatsApp. We made sure we had sanitisers on set and tried by all means to comply with regulations. We did the project without a budget or funding,” he said.

“I’d love to see the Eastern Cape dominating the small screens. I was encouraged by Durban, which is also doing great and has productions such as Imbewu: The Seed and Uzalo,” said Yongama.

He said the release date will be announced in due time.