Daily Sun’s TV show has delivered yet another heart-warming episode.

This week, presenter Stoan visited Mme Mashinini, who is worried about her sick aunt who lives with her cousins.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Stoan said: “Getting to know Mme Mashinini was a pleasant experience.

“I was touched by her kindness.

“It made me wonder why she wanted to take on such a difficult task of looking after an elderly person who needs a lot of care.

“But as I got to know her more, I realised that family is important to her.”

The 45-year-old musician said he’s proud of the sponsors’ involvement in the show.

“Sometimes sponsors overlook what people actually need and start donating things that people don’t actually need, because they want to create hype around their brand. I am glad that is not the case with Sun’Ceda.

“We’re actually helping and bettering people’s lives.”

Stoan said that people should not hesitate to contact him if they have more help to offer.

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