A video showing male fans inappropriately touching Zodwa Wabantu went viral this morning and has angered her fans.

The video shows male spectators grope her during her live performance. 

One of the men rubbed her butt while another slipped his fingers between her thighs and appeared to be touching her inappropriately on her private parts.

In the video Zodwa seemed unfazed by what was occurring as she can be heard addressing the crowd and calmly warns one of the men to contain himself.

She then politely asks security to fetch her from the stage “Thank you so much, I have had enough now, please come fetch me.”.

Zodwa Wabantu’s brand, as a socialite and entertainer, is built around her affinity for all things nude.

However, social media is divided, calling this an act of sexual harassment. 

Speaking to Daily Sun, Zodwa says she is theirs and she does not mind being touched.

"I am not bothered, those are my fans, if the want to touch me they can"

Those men who were inappropriately touching Zodwa are so disgusting. Sies. Dis-fucking-gus-ting. pic.twitter.com/xFdpcCccrM