TV and Radio personality Lunthando 'Lootlove' Shosha was blessed with a set of twins early this year and those who know will tell you that Motherhood is not a walk in the park. 

The new mom took to Instagram to post a Video where she tell her followers than she now has a 'mom dress' and they should meet up and have a support group. Loot seems to have gotten back to work as she does mention that it is hard being a working working mom as she has been taking in a lot of coffee to keep energy levels up we guess. 

"I am about to down coffee cup number 3 because like(sigh)... You know like you have AA where you're like 'Hi I'm Loot and I am an addict' I feel like we should have those weekly meeting for moms." she says.

Her comments were filled with so much support and Zizo Tshwete telling her not to be too hard on herself.

"Much Love to new moms, especially twin moms! ?? s/o to new Moms getting back into the work life for the first time. I wake up with a plan everyday and everyday the girls change my plan... lol! Much love to the more experienced Moms who help, support, share stories, have helped and been so kind when i’ve been moving around with the girls, Moms who tell you you look Good when you feel like the bottom. Still King Loot though... don’t get it twisted! ?????? Getting this work, I just need to find my balance! ??" her Instagram caption read.