UP-AND-COMING singer and songwriter, Wandile “Cheese Manchild” Buthelezi (23) has released a new song titled Chosen.

From Durban, the singer dropped the song earlier this month and it’s already available on digital platforms.

“The song is about my destiny – it means I’m in the right space, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Music is a form of healing and expression, hence the title,” he said.

“I come from a musical background, with my family greatly influencing my career. My late sister Zama-Lee, who was a well-renowned jazz musician in KZN circles, taught me how to write music.”

But his father never approved of his music career.

“He never saw it as a full-time career, so he encouraged us to focus on our school work.

“When my dad and mum separated, I stayed with him. This meant no music during the week. I’d only get a chance on weekends when I visited my mum. She understood my passion and talent,” he said.


He said when he went to high school, his dad was no longer in his life. “He abandoned us and we were left to fend for ourselves. That was a critical time hence I used most of that time writing songs,” he said.

In order to achieve his dream, he moved from the township to the city.

“I wanted the freedom of being away from home and had to grow up. At that time, I already knew I wanted to do R&B. I had a few songs that I performed for my peers and at small gigs,” he said.

“My first project was titled Love Yourself – a letter to myself that quickly became a hit in the Durban music scene.”

But Cheese Manchild’s breakthrough came when he opened for AKA’s Touch My Blood Tour and Anatii’s Iyeza Album Tour.

“These gigs validated my career and put my name among recognised artists. I am trying to grow my brand as an artist,” he said.