KWAITO artist Tzozo has made a shocking revelation.

Speaking at the Articulate Africa Book and Art Fair in Durban last week, he revealed he liked sleeping with younger women.

Tzozo told Daily Sun he used to supply artists and celebrities with university girls! Tzozo said as a member of the SRC at the then-Natal Technikon, he was in charge of organising events. He claimed young college girls would beg him to be hooked up with celebrities and to let them into events.

“Performing celebrities would come to me, asking to be hooked up,” he said.

He said he’d send the young girls to buy revealing outfits.

“I’d place them in the VIP section at the Musgrave venue, where they’d meet the artist they wanted to see.”

Tzozo named the celebrities he claimed to have supplied with young girls.

He said it wasn’t until he found himself in bed with many women that he realised the error of his actions.

“On one occasion I woke up and found myself in bed with four women.”

Tzozo said under his initiative, Asilahli, he aims to educate young people and encourage young girls not to depend on men to fulfil their needs.