HOUSE vocalist TNS has sent a strong message to DJ Maphorisa.

TNS warned Maphorisa not to mess with him or involve him in his beef with Prince Kaybee.

The Ayabonga hitmaker posted a video on Instagram addressing Maphorisa.

He told him that they don't know each other so he must stay away from him.

On the video, TNS is heard saying: "Sure Maphorisa, my grootman. I respect you a lot. I think we have never seen each other. You never saw me and I never saw you, ever before. We don't know each other.  We never spoke. You don't know me at all."

He further said that: "I am not involved in your beef with Prince Kaybee. Whatever thing that you are doing on social media, messing around, I'm not involved. If you see a weakness or whatever on Prince Kaybee don't involve me coz ngizokuthinta nami (I will contact you as well). Please don't mess with me. Stay there and be bored."

TNS once had beef with Kaybee, accusing him of not paying him for the song Club Controller and Banomoya.

But in April this year, he revealed that they had put the hatred behind them.