DAILY Sun’s TV show, Sun’Ceda, has delivered yet another heart-warming episode.

This week, presenter Stoan Seate visited Tebogo Mnguni in Nkangala, Mpumalanga.

Tebogo lives with her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

“This was a very touching episode and I believe viewers learnt a good lesson about the importance of family, which was echoed throughout because the ladies had to stop their personal lives and care for their mothers,” said Stoan.

Stoan said he was glad Tebogo’s family received counselling.

“For all the people we assist, it’s always important that we offer them a platform to offload because there are always surrounding circumstances. It’s not just the single issue of their mother being sick,” he said.

“There are other personal issues such as how this situation has affected their personal lives. And family issues such as how to cope with their brother, who has given himself to drugs.”

Stoan said he appreciated all the people who had come forward to help those who appeared on Sun’Ceda.

“For example, we visited Omphile a few weeks ago. She lives with her mum, who’s bedridden. People came forward and offered what they had such as soccer kits and an Xbox to keep him busy while he’s indoors, where he spends most of his time caring for his mum.”

Stoan said he hoped Sun’Ceda will have another season.

  • Catch Sun’Ceda every Thursday at 6.30pm on Mzansi Wethu.