Survivor South Africa is returning to our small screens next month.

Season eight of the M-Net game show will premiere on 3 June at 8pm. This season is called Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island.

The show that’s still hosted by actor and TV presenter, Nico Panagio, was initially set to take place between March and May last year, but couldn’t because of Covid-19.

This is the first season to be filmed in South Africa.

The previous seasons have been filmed in Mozambique, Samoa, Philippines, Panama, Malaysia and Maldives.

Last April, M-Net announced the season would be postponed indefinitely as a result of the pandemic. But the production company, Afrokaans, announced in December they were done filming the season.

This season, 20 castaways from across the country have been brought together to outwit, outplay and outlast each other over 39 days for R1 million and the ultimate title of “Sole Survivor”.

The show was recorded in the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast.


Jan du Plessis, channel director for M-Net, said this season is one of the best.

“The castaways this season proved they will stop at nothing to emerge victorious. It’s the most cut-throat, ambitious and engrossing season of the game we’ve seen, contested by a group of true super fans,” he said.

Leroux Botha, the creative producer and series director of Afrokaans, said the first-ever local setting for Survivor South Africa has taken this season up another notch.

“When the castaways discovered they were going to be playing the game in a location closer to home than usual, some of them thought they could take a degree of familiarity for granted – but they soon find out that whether they’re on the beautiful Wild Coast or on an island on the other side of the planet, Survivor always throws up tests, twists and challenges they couldn’t possibly foresee,” said Leroux.