Steven Chauke (31) is one of the well-decorated choreographers, having created hundreds of dance pieces.

He has performed in various projects, including African footprint by Richard Loring that was showcased in Cape Town and the Sandton Convention Centre.

In 2016, Steven participated in another project called Joy of sharing, by Gregory Maqoma.

“The Joy of sharing dance project was one of my biggest highlights. It exposed me to different countries, including Russia. The dance told a story of humanity and sharing,” he said.

“I’ve also been part of other projects, including Nandi the Musical, Afrikan Light, Khule Kwethu Festival, USA Battery theatre, Vuyani Dance Theatre and the Soweto Dance theatre, among others.


“I’ve also had an opportunity to perform alongside world-class choreographers such as Gregory Maqoma, Helge Letonja, and Lulu MLangeni.”

Now Steven wants to bring contemporary dance to black communities.

To achieve his dream, he recently showcased his project called, Isimanje at the IMBEWU Festival at the Durban stable theatre.

“I’ve always felt a gap between contemporary dancers and our society. Our craft is often misunderstood and not given attention. There are many reasons for this, for example our craft is hardly exposed to the public. Secondly, when we are on stage most people fail to interpret our craft as they are not familiar with this kind of dance. Therefore, my goal is to bridge the gap, my wish is to popularise and transform the dance industry. I’d love to see our work showcased in different platforms and given attention, like any other piece of art,” he told SunBuzz.

H’s also working on another dance technique called Kulwave.

“Kulwave is a dance move that reflects cultural and universal language. It allows the body to be flexible and adapt to different kinds of movements.”

Steven is originally from Chiawelo, Soweto, but he is now based in Durban where he works as a choreographer and dance facilitator.