AFTER going a full year without a stable income, actress and TV producer Sonia Mbele has gone into the water business. 

She has launched her own brand of alkaline water called Alkamax. 

“I started working on this project earlier this year while waiting for a contract that was taking forever to be finalised. I didn’t have a stable income and I had to think of a way to make money to provide for my family,” she said. 

“Because I drink a lot of water, I started doing research around it and discovered alkaline water. I learnt the brand in Mzansi is owned by a non-South African and that motivated me to start my own. It wasn’t an overnight thing. I had to put in long hours and  a lot of effort as nothing was done without going past me for approval,” she said. 

“I am very proud of my team and what I have been able to achieve.”

Although South Africa has the best water in the continent, Sonia’s water is the purest of them all with a PH of 10 + with no acid. 

“The water has great benefits. I have realised people don’t want to put anything inside their body that is harmful to them which is why I made it to be 99.9% pure. The water contains antioxidants and it’s ionised, which is  important for people who don’t eat meat like me, it offers better hydration and detoxifies, increases vitality and helps with constipation among other things.”


Sonia said she had roped her son into being one of the shareholders of the company. 

“I want to teach him about being a businessman and the fundamentals of business at a young age. He has shared with me that he wants to be an entrepreneur,” she said. 

Sonia said her brand was produced at a plant in Tshwane and would be sold wholesale.

She said she was encouraging people to buy directly from the company. 

Sonia, who is also the producer of Real Housewives of Johannesburg, wouldn’t comment on rumours that the show was making a comeback.

“I am still a reality show producer and I am getting into drama as well. South Africa is going to be blown away by what I have in store,” she said.