MUSICIAN Kelly Khumalo is encouraging people to pray for their lives and the pandemic.

The star posted a video on Instagram, sharing that she didn’t see government officials taking action. So she took it upon herself to encourage people to pray.

Kelly, who has been vocal about praying during the pandemic, said only God would fix the world. She opened the video with a song Umkhuleko, and quoted the Bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:14.


“Bakithi siyaphela, poverty is knocking at our door. Yes, we have to social distance and keep our masks on. I’m sure with the alcohol ban things are going to go down. But I don’t hear a lot of government officials calling for us to pray. I feel that we need God more than ever at this point in time,” Kelly shared.

The talented star said she knew that people would call her crazy, but she was standing by her words.

“Again, I know a lot of you will certify me as a crazy person. But again, I feel like I need to ask you guys to call on the Lord because no scientist is going to create a miracle at this point. We need God Himself,” she continued.