After months of anticipation, singer and songwriter Sho Madjozi has released her mixtape, What a Life.

Speaking to SunBuzz Sho Madjozi, whose real name is Maya Wegerif, said: “Since the start of my career until now I’ve had so many successes and amazing experiences.

“So, this is a celebratory project. I’m celebrating as well as giving thanks, because finally now I can say that I’m living the life I have imagined for myself.”

The award-winning musician said she’s paying homage with the project.

“With this project I want to pay respect to where I come from, because I’m deeply rooted.”

She’s from Limpopo.

“I’ve also given a lot of artists the spotlight and hopefully they get to become as successful as I am,” she said.

Sho Madjozi initially never planned to be a musician and wanted to be a writer.

“I never planned to be a musician, and the only thing that made me stick with being a musician is seeing happiness that music brings to people’s lives.

“That’s what I hope to achieve with this mixtape: bring joy.”


She said the project is different because she had time.

“With this project, honestly, I had a lot of time because of lockdown and I got to think really hard about what exactly it is I want to do.

“I discovered that I must do something that is meaningful to me and the people around me.”

Sho Madjozi said it’s an honour working with the legendary Dr Thomas Chauke.

“It’s not a coincidence that he became the legend that he is today within the music space and Tsonga culture,” she said.

“He’s a very talented man, a complete perfectionist, a genius and all-rounder. It’s such an honour working with him.”

Although it was a tough year, Sho Madjozi shared with SunBuzz some of her highlights for the year.

“Although this year has been a tough year, there have also been some good moments,” she said.

“I signed a deal with a US-based recording label, I started my own range of masks that are doing well and kids love them and I have also bought myself a house in Joburg.”

Her mixtape, What a Life, is available on all digital platforms.